Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fish & Chips At Xantana Restaurant

At night, my mother, grangparents, two sisters and I went to Xantana Restaurant for dinner.
My sister.
My cute younger sister.
Some of us had Coke.
My younger sister had a cup of orange juice.
We all had Fish & Chips.
The Fish & Chips looks very yummy.
I am applying some maiyonise on the fish.
This is my younger sister and my grandfather ready to have their food.


My Iphone

This is my I-phone. My father bought me as a gift in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
He bought me this I-phone to surprise me for my hardwork during UPSR examination.
The most I like about this I-phone is the games are so high tech and interesting. UPSR results are coming out soon. I am very excited.


Friday, October 30, 2009

D Gray-man - Musician (Piano Tutorial)

Dinner with family

My sister with her rice
Our all time favourite
She just cannot stop eating...FAT
My another sister
My blur blur face
This is my mother rice

Eating nugget


Friday, August 7, 2009

Grandfather drives mother's car!

Today, my grandfather's car has broken down and he drives my mother's car. This is the first time he drives my mother's car because normally he don't drives my mother's car because he says he didn't get used to drive on an automatic car.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Handphone more games!!!

Tonight, I go to tuition piano. The teacher lends me her handphone to send the games to my handphone from her handphone. She sent me 41 games altogether. Now, I have no time to play games because UPSR is around the corner.


Mum&Dad leaves for Kuala Lumpur

Today, my mother and my father left for Kuala Lumpur. They will return by next Monday and they take some leaders of my father's company to my hometown. They will sleep in my room. Before leaving, she remind me to check the water-boiler so the water-boiler has water in it or else it will burn up. She also advises me to put our dirty clothes into the pail outside the toilet. If we put our dirty clothes in the toilet, we will make our dirty clothes wet and it will grow fungus on our dirty clothes.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My father came back

Yesterday evening, my father had arrived KLIA. My aunt went to fetch him at the airport. When he reached my aunt's house, he found out that his luggage and his clothes were full of coffee because the packet of the coffee had a hole and it flowed out. He took a bus to go home. During his trip, he could not sleep because the bus was shaking. While he reached home, he gave me a pair of key chain. He also brought me and my siblings three packets of Kit Kat. My father had already changed his notebook. His new notebook is red in colour because he loves red. He gave his old notebook for my mother. My father promised that if I get 7A's in UPSR, he will give me a handphone watch for me as a present.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My schooling life

Last year, my school had builed a building. The building has four storey and my new classroom is at level four. Everyday, I have to carry my heavy bag to my classroom and it takes a lot of energy to reach my class. Some big-sized students wonder the school would build a lift at the building. My class starts at 7:30a.m. to 1:oop.m. After school, I still have to attend the school extra class from 1:30p.m. to 2:30p.m. everyday and my mum has to bring me lunch at school. But sometimes, I had outdoor school activities and it ends at 6.00p.m. Our schooling time is longer than adult's working hours and I am very terrified.This year is very bad luck because the H1N1 disease has spread the whole world and our school year-end vacation has been cancelled. At first, we have two choices to go for the vacation. First is Bangkok and the second is Singapore but now everywhere we cannot go.My form teacher decided to bring me and my classmates for a picnic trip as a farewell party after UPSR.


My UPSR trial-exams scores

Hooray!!! I had broke my record in the examinations. The first time, I had 5A's in the examination and the second time I had 4A's. But at the third examination, I had passed my exams with flying colours -6A's and this exam is also the UPSR trial-examination.